Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry had sex with children on tape and the Government covers it up.

Please forward this link to any person who might care about Government Corruption and Cover ups.

Andrea Lynn (Crisel) Gentry who set up a party so she could have sex with all the the Minors on Video when she was 20 years, 1 month, 16 Days old, on June 25, 1999 and the Government Conspired to cover it up.

Michael Steven “Ricky” Davis Arrested 15-07-23       Added on March 21, 2018. Trial to come.

Michael Steven “Ricky” Davis was Arrested July 23,2015 was Convicted of Stalking in General Sessions Court in the Ninth Circuit in Charleston in Case Number 2015-GS-06044. I am suing Mike Davis to the years of Terror he has caused me in Theodore Wagner v. Designa Print and Mike Davis 2015-CP-10-4166. This man is Dangerous!

Challenge of Unconstitutional Laws

The number one reason for this site is the restoration of the integrity of the Constitution.    

 The Supreme Law of the Land

I want it to be clear because there is so many issues and topics on this sight that the number one purpose of this site is to peaceably assemble The People of America who are true Constitutional Patriots so WE can compel the courts to address the challenges presented as described in USA vs Butler, 297 US 1, and voided if needed as presented in Marbury vs Madison, 1 Cranch 137.

The TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH

A clear explanation the fact the NINTH AMENDMENT protects our right to the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. There is a reason that it was the oath used in courts.

The Supreme Law Of The Land

A clear explanation explaining how the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and the DUTY of government to defend it.


The complete First Amendment along with a concise breakdown into easy to understand sentences. There will be explanation of why our Founding Fathers put each part in to protect our Religious and Political freedoms.


The actual copies of many court petitions are included as evidence of the governments complicity or enabling of an ongoing conspiracy to oppress the U.S. Constitution.

This site is under construction. Content Changes. Input welcome.


Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 2008 (FISA)

In 2008 President Bush and Congress did complicity conspire against the commanded right FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES in the FIRST AMENDMENT. Congress shall make no law respecting the right of the people to a Full and Fair Redress on the record.

US Attorney Bill Nettles aids in a conspiracy against the Constitution



Our Constitutional Rights

U.S. Military Conspires against GOD  

Every person in the military takes an oath in the name of GOD that they will defend the integrity of the US Constitution from enemies even if the are domestic and part of our government. If every person who was part of our military honored their oath and peaceable demanded that the judges honor their oath, the judges would not obfuscate the question. But the U.S. Military would rather conspire against GOD that stand up for the Constitution. Who would of thought.

Our founding Fathers feared the power that was express in the original Constitution so it amended to removing much of the power first given to government. Remember, only the power expressly given to government belongs to them. As explained on this page the people as stated in the NINTH AMENDMENT are rights retained by each single person unto there self. This amendment protects your right to mens rea, also known as state of mind. The government does not want you to understand this amendment. The government has a DUTY  to defend and protect your individual right. Learn this presentation.


The FIRST AMENDMENT voided any claim of immunity judges may of had. Judges use sophism, an argument correct in form but embodying a subtle fallacy to give them immunities they do not have. Judges have used unconstitutional court rulings to remove the consequences when they conspire to oppress constitutionally protected rights. Under the SEVENTH AMENDMENT we have a right to have the people decide if a judge unconstitutionally oppressed our rights. A judge should never have the right to use their power to protect their own misconduct.

Theodore Wagner vs. Officer Monica Hampton, et al., 3:13-cv-2406

This case contains another challenge of Laws made in violation of the U.S. Constitution. I again will be trying to compel the court to give these Laws the test in USA vs. Butler. Without the Constitutional Patriots of this country coming together to demand a Full and Fair redress of this challenge they will complicitly  turn a Blind Eye to this Challenge.

Theodore Wagner vs. Andrea Lynn Crisel, 2014-DR-10-133

Final Order Of Divorce - filed July 11, 2014

What GOD has joined together, man can not do under. This divorce was filed so Andrea could come forward to place the truth on the record. My OATH was to GOD as much as to Andrea. The truth shall be put on the record whether the Evil ones of government and their minion like it or not.

Theodore Wagner vs. President Barack Obama, et al, 3:13-cv-708

I Grieve the Ongoing Conspiracy against the First Amendment ...

    I brought this Grievance against President Barack Obama; Attorney Ann Walsh' Judge Michael Duffy; United States of America; Persons Named and Unnamed, in their Official and Personal Capacity because, "CAUSE IN FACT" every person named and many already named were or are complicit or enabling the Malicious Prosecution that started on or about February 2002 by using the many unconstitutional laws made to oppress redress of grievances to cover up the Truth and cover up criminal acts by the government. On Pg 2 of 73 I state, "This petition is ... To give jurisdiction to the court to hear challenges of Laws made in violation of the U.S. Constitution as presented in USA vs Butler, 279 US 1, at Page 4 of 73 of this petition." I believe I cover every argument people have used against me over the years in this and the accompanying petitions to give just cause to hear this challenge. 

Wagner vs. Obama, et al, 3:13-cv-708

I challenge all Laws Named and Unnamed as unconstitutional and demand as of right a redress of each as presented in USA vs. Butler, 297 US 1. This is one of the many challenges I have put before the court. 

​​Theodore Wagner vs President Obama, et al, 3:13-cv-708 

 I Challenge the Court's Authority to Oppress the Commanded Protection of the Ninth Amendment and Petition for a Test as presented in USA vs. Butler, 297 US 1. In this challenge as presented in Griswold vs. Connecticut, 381 US 479, I have repeatedly Lawfully challenged in court to show that the Ninth Amendment  expressly recognizes, there are unalienable personal rights which are protected from abridgment from State and Federal government not specifically mentioned in the Constitution.

Theodore Wagner vs. President Barack Obama, et al, 13-2006;                4th Circuit Court of Appeal of  3:13-cv-708

This is an appeal of the lower courts complicity to oppress redress by refusing to acknowledge the lawful challenge of Laws made in violation  of the commanded protection of the right of redress in the FIRST AMENDMENT. This conspiracy against the First Amendment will if the Judges keep their oath to God and Country and give my challenge a test as the one in USA vs. Butler, 297 US 1. 

"In re: Theodore Wagner" No. 11-2409,   Petition for a Writ of Mandamus 

This was a Petition for a writ of Mandamus Filed in the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals on December 16th 2011. As you can see I placed as part of the caption,

"The purpose of the petition is to and the ongoing oppression of a protected First Amendment Freedom."

Every judge takes oath 5 USC § 3331, Oath of office and oath 28 USC § 453, Oaths of justices and judges Every one of the judges involved in refusing to give redress to this challenge are complicit or enabling a conspiracy against the Constitution. 

"In re: Theodore Wagner" No. 11-2409,Obfuscation of Petition

 After reading "In re: Theodore Wagner" No. 11-2409 Petition for Writ of Mandamus, the complicity or enabling of this ongoing conspiracy by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to OPPRESS the FIRST AMENDMENT Right of Redress of The People of America is clear. Under the test of USA Vs. Butler, 297 US 1The court had ONLY ONE DUTY. They swore an oath in the NAME OF GOD to defend the integrity of the Constitution. But the Fourth Circuit would rather conspire against God and the U.S. Constitution than give up their unconstitutionally and unlawfully gained power.

"In re: Theodore Wagner" No. 11-2409    Rehearing en banc                      

   After receiving the denial of my petition it was clear that Judges Paul V. Niemeyer, Judge Dennis W. Sedd,  and  Senior Judge Clyde H. Hamilton, were all complicit or enabling this ongoing conspiracy to oppress the commanded protection of the FIRST AMENDMENT to flourish. I then filed a petition for Rehearing en banc. There is no way a whole court of persons who bind their souls to an oath in the name of God to defend the integrity of the U.S Constitution would conspire against God and the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. Right?

Petition to Senator Barack Obama, Mailed Oct. 28th 2008

  After hearing a speech by Senator Obama where he was very emphatic about his his knowledge of the Constitution and his intent to defend it, I truly believed I had found a true Patriot who would defend The Supreme Law of the Land.  I made sure that I did remove any plausible deniability that he may of had that he did not know of this ongoing conspiracy to oppress this FIRST AMENDMENT Right that protects all rights. He is still part of the conspiracy if lets his minion break his oath to God and Country for him. The Petition was clearly mailed to him and presents oppression of Civil Rights.

Petition to President Barack Obama, Mailed April 30th 2009

Formally Petition the President of the United States , President Obama, for his help.                  This is the first of the Nine Petitions to President Obama I mailed Certified Restricted Delivery to him, No. 7005-1160-0002-6137-3709. After all the petitions I mailed to the White House with no reply I was also filing them in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and sending him copes of the file stamped copies. This President has no control over his own home if certified legal papers, restricted delivery with proof of a government conspiracy to oppress the U.S. Constitution  are being hidden from him  as President of the United States of America. Pages 30-36 of Wagner vs. Obama, et al. 3:13-cv-708. Page 36 is the Restricted Receipt to President Obama at the White House. President Obama turned his back on his oath to GOD and Constitution.     

Petition to President Barack Obama, Mailed May 26th 2009

Petition to President Obama again begging him to Defend the commanded protection of the  Right to Petition in the U.S. Constitution.

 This is the 2nd Petition mailed to President Obama Certified Mail. No. 7005-1160-0002-6137-3723. At this point it is clear about the complicity or enabling of this conspiracy by the president. Not only did I file copies of this Petition in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Theodore Wagner vs. United States of America, No. 09-6488, 3;08-CV-3235; i also sent copies to Journalist-Gerals Seib, Laura Meckler, and Jonathan Weisman, of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 200 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10281. I mailed a number to The Wall Street Journal along with every place I could find an address to. If you understand plain English the FIRST AMENDMENT is way clear. So is the complicity of all involved to facilitate the ongoing oppression of the Right of Redress. You have to believe you are above GOD and the Constitution - and UNTOUCHABLE - to so blatantly spit on your oath to GOD and the Constitution you swore to defend. Your minion loyally follows to conspire against GOD and Constitution. That is frightening.

Petition to President Barack Obama, Mailed June 30th 2009

"'Petition to add Evidence' to President Barack Obama"

​​This is the last Petition I sent to President Obama. It was also sent Certified Mail No.7005-1160-0002-6137-3716. I Knew he was complicit and enabling the facilitation of this conspiracy. I had just watched President Obama denounce Iran for denying it's citizens the Right to Peaceably Petition their grievances while at the same time turning a "Blind Eye" to our own government conspiring to make Laws in direct violation of the commanded protection of the 1st Amendment so this country could deny it's citizens the Right to Peaceable Petition our grievances.

President Obama declares war on GOD

A clear explanation explaining that President Obama is conspiring against GOD and the Constitution.

Charleston County Detective William Crews Pervs

In February 2002 Charleston County Detective William Crews was yanking the chicken to the kitties next door!

   In February 2002 while Charleston County Detective William "Billy" Crews was spiting on the name of God in an oath to bear false witness to facts to get a warrant he was choking the chicken to the kitties next door. This was part of conspiracy to cover up the truth with Special Agent Cynthia McCants of the FBI. In the included article after the warrants please notice that Attorney Andy Savage is representing Det. Crews. Andy Savage was one of the government paid lawyers hires to facilitate this conspiracy. After looking at the evidence to prove Det. Crews used false testimony to get the warrant he looked strait at me and said he was only there to sentence my. Federal Judge, Judge Duffy knows this and much more and uses his authority to facilitate this conspiracy.     In the end - I shall win. The people will know the courts are corrupt.  

Theodore Wagner vs. State of South Carolina

Petition for a Writ of Mandamus

On June 25th 2007 the State of South Carolina Supreme Court received a petition for Writ of Mandamus fro Theodore Wagner trying to compel the State of South Carolina to prosecute me to the full extent of the Law. I had just found out that my Lawyer Stanley Feldman had been aiding in covering up that all of my state charges had been vacated in 2003 and all parties refused to tell me. I have had the evidence since 2003 to prove I was Innocent when I found out my Lawyers had been hiding the evidence from me. I could now prove I was innocent and was trying to force the government to give my the trial I had been granted in 3004. I did not find out they had been vacated until I tried to get Stanley Feldman's license to practice Law revoked. The South Carolina Supreme Court refused to used its authority to end this ongoing conspiracy against civil rights. They complicitly turned a Blind Eye to this conspiracy to aid in its cover up.

    After years of trying to get my Lawyer to respond to my request to know what is going on I was told to send a grievance to The Honorable Danial Shearman of the South Carolina Supreme Court. After mailing this grievance to the court I finally received a response. That is when I found out that Stanley Feldman had been complicitly aiding in this ongoing conspiracy. His "refusal" to force my wife Andrea Crisel in to court to testify is why I am having to do it on my own now. I received the papers stating that all my state charges had been vacated at that time. I filed the Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme court after I could not get the prosecutor to re-prosecute me.

State Charges Vacated, Theodore Wagner vs. State of SC

  These are the papers I received from Stanley Feldman after turning him into the South Carolina Supreme Court which did nothing to him. As part of the ongoing conspiracy my Lawyer H. Stanley Feldman aided in this ongoing Gang Rape of my civil liberties and the facilitation of the conspiracy of Malicious Prosecution that started on or about February 2002.​

Theodore Wagner vs. SC and SCDC, 2006-cp-27-533

Theodore Wagner vs. South Carolina and South Carolina Department of Corrections

2006-cp-27-533, Stamped Filed on December 13th 2006

      This petition is a FIRST AMENDMENT Challenge.The State of South Carolina and the South Carolina Department of Corrections did Default on this suit. To this day the courts and the Judges do conspire to oppress redress of the Motion for Default. The State used a Law unconstitutionally made by congress to oppress redress by unconstitutionally transferring this case to the Federal Court after I made a Lawful challenge that the Law was unconstitutional. The federal Court Ruled that the state challenges under the State Constitution are still valid. That Motion For Default has never been given redress.

U.S. Attorney Rhett DeHart, Charleston SC: Ann Battelle Soutter and Michael Rhett DeHart were married on April 20, 2013.   I pray I have the right Rhett Dehart who spit on the name of the Almighty GOD to bear false witness against me.  On or about February 2002 Rhett Dehart was complicit or enabled the ongoing conspiracy to bear false witness against me. Rhett Dehart knew that he was conspiring with SA Cynthia McCants to place false evidence on the record but then he was complicit or enabling SA Cynthia McCants and Detective William Crews to use the false witness used in the state magistrate court to facilitate his own ends as it was. This is the Notice I sent to him on May 24th 2004 as my oath I will never give up!


Lady Haven is a sorority for party girls. Lady Haven is to be a Safe Haven for Ladies such as the late Angie Smith so they can party without fear of being raped by someone like Donnie Carter.