Court Updates

This page is put the most recent updates of different cases before different courts of the challenge of the RIGHT OF REDRESS.

Theodore Wagner vs. Designa Print and mike Davis etc

was Unconstitutionally thrown out of Court on May 8, 2018.

It is under appeal now to put the Truth on the Record with a Constitutional Challenge included.

Theodore Wagner vs. Officer Monica Hampton, et al., 3:13-cv-2406
.Filed: September 5th 2013

This case clearly challenges Laws underUSA vs. Butler, 297 US 1 and Marbury vs. Madison, 5 CRANCH 137

Wagner vs Hampton, 2:13-cv-2406 Temporary Restraining Order

Filed: September 19th 2013

This is a petition for a Temporary Restraining order asking the court to end the ongoing oppression of my first amendment rights and end the Gang Rape of Civil Liberties by Officer Hampton and the other defendants. To me, My civil Liberties have a priceless value.


     I have petitioned over and over to the courts only to have

Judge Joseph R. McCrorey and to

Judge George Ross Anderson, Jr

They are using their power and authority to oppress redress of this challenge. A dozen times they could have ended this conspiracy by honoring their oath to God and Country. Wagner vs. Hampton is before them now. They could end this conspiracy any day they want to just by giving redress of the challenge as it is presented in  USA vs. Butler, 297 US 1


Status Hearing 13-12-19

     Yesterday, Thursday, December 19th 2013 I went a status hearing in front of Judge Duffy. I have been exercising my First Amendment right to file grievances in court for a redress. I have never violated my probation and I do every thin I am told. Judge Duffy in retaliation for my attempts to restore the right of redress and put the truth on the record that the court has been conspiring to cover up that it was Andrea Crisel, who was was born May 9th 1979 and was 20 years, 1 month, 16 days old on June 25th 1999 when she brought over her friends to make sex tapes. The prosecutor strait out lied yesterday saying I had sex that day. He knows that is a lie. I did not have sex with any one concluding my wife Andrea. To oppress my court cases he has ordered me to go to Butner Prison. I will go even if it is a crime for him to make me as part of this ongoing conspiracy to cover up the truth. Is there not one person who will stand with me against a corrupt court system.Never Give Up! The constitution is worth it.